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Jan -Mar 2022

  • A little explanation about our new newsletter
  • Then, insert a photo here for the new chapel and a little blurb about how we’re open for business and please come join us.Maybe Shoshana Cenker could wrie both of these for us.
  • Need to check with Rabbi that he’s ok with “Reflections” instead of “From the desk of …”
  • Each of the selections to the right could be a hyperlink to that particular section, or user cold scroll down to each.
  • User should have the ability to access previous newsletter online.

What’s Nu?

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  • Reflections from the Rabbi
  • Notes from the Cantor

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Reflections from the Rabbi

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Notes from the Cantor

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Monthly Calendar





  • Bluestein
  • Raymon and Lois Brooks
  • Philip and Alyse Evans
  • Ira and Kitiya Morris
  • Avron and Rochelle Slutsky
  • Ari and Lindi Vanderwalde
  • Jonathan and Lisa Frisch
  • Manny and Anne Karkowsky
  • David and Tracey Mendelson
  • Laura and Jeffrey Paller
  • Nathan and Denise Simkin
  • Lawrence and Diane Wruble
  • Phillip and Barbara Lieberman
  • Yochanan and Carol Samuels
  • Sarah Bethand Phillip Wilcox


The Congregation gratefully acknowledges the following donations received January = March, 2022

For Recovery Of:

Ima Better

  • Mr and mrs Ira Jones
  • Mr and Mrs Ben Schwartz

Ima Notwell

  • Sadie Better

Heez Notwell

  • Mr and Mrs Ira Jones
  • Mr and Mrs Ben Schwartz

Sheez Better

  • Sadie Better
  • Moshe Gold

Chaim Notwell

  • Mr and Mrs ira Jones
  • Mr and Mrs Ben Schwartz

Sheez Better

  • Marsha Better
  • Shmuel Better