Anshei Sphard Beth El Emeth Congregation is a modern orthodox synagogue where all are welcome. Located in suburban East Memphis, encompassed by the Memphis Eruv, our Spiritual Leader, Rabbi Joel Finkelstein and our cantor, Aryeh Samberg, lead a lively yet dignified and aesthetic prayer service.

Our dynamic Sisterhood offer programs for all ages. Our shul events are planned by very active committees where everyone “rolls up their sleeves” to make them happen.

If you would like to spend a Shabbat in our community, please contact us to arrange Shabbat hospitality. 


With its origins going back to Civil War times, Anshei Sphard-Beth El Emeth Congregation (ASBEE) is a part of Memphis history. ASBEE was formed by the merging of two synagogues, Anshei Sphard and Beth El Emeth, in 1966. Anshei Sphard was organized in 1893 and chartered in 1904 and was located at Main and Beale Street from 1898-1904; located on Market Street from 1904-48; and at 1188 North Parkway from 1948 until the shuls merged in 1970. Beth El Emeth, which was founded in 1861 and chartered in 1862, was located at 165 Poplar from 1916-58, and at 3771 Poplar from 1958-1966.

Anshei Sphard Presidents

H.I. Schaffer 1910-24

Nathan Kapell 1924-5

H.I. Shaffer 1925-42

Aaron Goldman 1942-3

Nathan Tenenbaum 1943-4

Meyer Felt 1945-51

Isadore Baer 1951-1955

Dr. Ben Schaffer 1956-60

Aaron Weiss 1960-3

Max Bodin 1963-4

Kolman Katz- 1964-7

Beth El Presidents

David Lazarov

Martin Schlesinger

A.H. Cohen

Max Plesofky

Saul Jacobs

Sam Blaiss 1927-35

Abraham T. Morris 1935-45

Joe Lazarov 1945-6

Nathan Loskovitz 1948-54

Morris Franklin 1954-5

Sol Friedman 1955-60

Ben Gruber 1960-1

Lester Zalowitz- 1962-3

Ben Gruber 1964-5

Davening Schedule

Mincha is about 15 minutes before sundown on weekdays, 25 minutes before sundown on Shabbos. On Rosh Chodesh, Chanukah, days when we say Selichos, and fast days, we begin Shacharis at 6:30 AM (weekdays). For more information, please call the shul office at (901) 682-1611 or email Rabbi Finkelstein.

Our rabbi, Rabbi Joel Finkelstein, and our cantor, Aryeh Samberg, appreciate both the rich history of our shul and its bright future. They are committed to leading ASBEE in the direction of outreach and community service. Our shul is a vibrant Orthodox synagogue with some of the friendliest people anywhere and serves as an umbrella synagogue for Jews of various levels of commitment and observance, while adhering strictly to the principles of Orthodox Judaism. Our synagogue is unique in the way that our members are able to make any visitor feel right at home.

If you are planning to visit or perhaps move to Memphis, please have a look at what our synagogue and the larger Jewish community of Memphis have to offer! If you’re interested in Southern Jewish history, please also have a look at our Resources and Links page where we have links to pages about the Southern Jewish experience.